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Jessi Lou Houston , United States

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About me

Well, I'm usually pretty silly and spontaneous, I'm the type of girl who would go to the mall with a bunch of friends dressed like freaks in tutus and masquerade masks(which I collect). I'm a total goof-ball. But I can also be pretty serious as well, I write poetry about problems and solutions I go through and I put it all on my website.


I'm pretty much a spur-of-the-moment type of girl, I make quick decisions based on what I feel like doing at the moment. I rarely plan ahead for anything, and I'm happy that way.


Well, I have a pretty broad range of preferences when it comes to music, so I'll just list a couple of artists.

Hey Monday
Kings of Leon
Plain White T's
Avril Lavigne
Jason Mraz
The Fray
Regina Spektor

Movies and TV:

Well, most of the shows I watch are pretty dorky and stupid, but that's why I like them! As for movies, I'm obsessed with romances <3


I pretty much think sports are a waste of time, I'd much rather be writing or hula hooping or something..


I absolutely LOVE to write, it's my favorite thing to do. But another thing is that I can play bass clarinet, one of the most useless instruments ever. It's basically a big clarinet that looks a lot like a sax that sits on the ground. Anyway, my friend an


I collect masquerade masks... And I adore the style of the 80s! I'm not a huge fan of the music, but I love the black and neon type of look from then <3 Also, I have an obsession with eyeliner, it's kinda like my security blanket :) I also love to bake.


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